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Nomi Health = No Middleman, No Bills to You

What you need to know:

  • You will not pay for a COVID-19 test you take at a Nomi community site.*
  • If your insurance company sends you an Explanation of Benefits saying you have a balance to pay, you do not. You owe nothing.
  • We handle billings so you can focus on keeping yourself and your community safe. Nomi will seek reimbursement from your insurance and the federal government. You owe nothing.

Healthcare is too complex and costly. That’s why we founded Nomi Health—and even named it—to get rid of middleman costs. We are investing in a better healthcare experience. There are thousands of us working every day to remove waste from healthcare transactions. And we’re simplifying healthcare billing.

When COVID hit in early 2020, we partnered with governments to provide no-cost, burden-free testing. When government testing programs came to an end, we transitioned to our own community testing sites, we upheld this mission: no-cost, burden-free COVID tests. We handle the billing so you can focus on keeping yourself and your community safe. No matter what your insurance company sends in the mail, you owe nothing.

As we see it, the pandemic showed everyone the critical failures inside traditional healthcare. That’s why many of our testing sites have extended hours and why we drive mobile response units to hard-to-reach communities. Cost and insurance status should never be a barrier to care.

We’re committed to rewiring healthcare from the inside out.

*Community sites are testing locations we set up for our public and private-sector partners. Free testing is made possible from the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act passed by the Congress. The federal government requires insurance companies to pay, not patients. The only COVID tests where we charge patients are in airports for travelers seeking convenient testing. But some insurance carriers are sending bills to patients claiming labs are outside of their network.