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VP of Product

Austin, TexasProduct DevelopmentFull-Time

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About Nomi Healthcare

Nomi Health was founded in 2019 as a direct healthcare company with a simple yet bold mission: rewire how we pay for healthcare and how it is delivered to provide affordable and accessible healthcare experiences we all deserve as employers, patients and providers. We’re rebuilding healthcare from the ground up, simplifying how healthcare is understood, paid for and delivered through a real-time, direct infrastructure. 

We are looking for a passionate VP of Product to join our team. You will work closely with providers, hospitals, and networks to design and execute a modern software payment application system for doctors and patients. You will work closely with our Founders, Engineering Leaders, Sales Team and other key leaders to be the voice of the experience a provider will go through for payment by a patient. Your main focus will be to create a product and software that is intuitive for anyone to use.
You will be focused on patient’s and provider’s needs and be able to understand the user needs and solve problems and have a deep understanding of health plans, Third Party Administrators (TPA) and how billing works in healthcare. Your job will be to make it better. Ultimately, you will make the Nomi Health product user-friendly and intuitive for the providers and hospitals to attract and retain doctors in the Nomi Health network.

How you will make an impact

  • Get to know our users’ (i.e., providers/doctors and hospitals) motivations, habits, and ways they charge for healthcare - both through individual interviews and data mining. Look far and wide to anticipate relevant interaction trends
  • Develop and communicate user journeys for medical billing and payment. Define how to map rich metadata to meaningful interaction patterns. Choreograph the interplay between doctor to patient to employer and design a product around the steps
  • Work closely with the Lead Product Designer and developers to get your designs built, assuring quality

What we’re looking for

  • In-depth knowledge of health plans, Third Party Administrators (TPA) and how they work
  • An open mind to using some creative and unconventional approaches
  • A tacit understanding of the billing pain points of medical providers and a few scars of your own - looking for a platform to change healthcare billing
  • Previous experience consulting at one or more Healthcare consulting firms (i.e., Mercer, Willis Towers Watson, Aon, etc)
  • Complete and utter dismissal of the word “no”
  • Love for the startup culture and Knowledge that we succeed and fail as a team
  • Complete comfort and ease with constant ambiguity and contagious passion and belief in what we do
  • Belief that this American healthcare system can be transformed and medical provider will be at the core
  • Solid educational background or work experiences (knowledge of cloud facing technologies) that allow you to hit the ground running 
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