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COVID-19 Response

Helping governments, businesses, and organizations meet the challenges of COVID-19 with full turn-key solutions.

When shutdown just isn’t an option.

We work with governments, organizations, and businesses to create fully-baked COVID-19 response programs – from online assessments to tents to real time results reporting.

Built from the ground up

Through our COVID-19 Response Programs, we step in as a general contractor and rebuild the supply chain to lower costs and reshape the response.

Truly rapid turnarounds

At Nomi, our testing programs deliver results within an average of 24–48 hours and we will always notify patients of their results, even if the result is negative.

Costs kept in check

Our model helps disincentivize runaway costs and overbilling. If we let costs get out of control, we get stuck with the bill – not our clients.


Our COVID-19 testing ranks among the fastest and most accurate in the country. More than 12M+ individuals have received care through Nomi Health. Our trusted, nimble, easy, and fast testing continues to benefit communities across the country.

We launched COVID-19 mobile testing units to rapidly deploy resources to communities that are being disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 virus.
Ad hoc testing collection centers have been a key part of our strategy from day one. We know how to spin up the essentials at lightspeed.
Collection is key but it only matters if we can deliver accurate results quickly. We move mountains to get our swabs to our labs, even if we need to charter planes.
Male doctor administering a vaccine to a young woman.


Creating an effective vaccine is hard but distributing it is an entirely different challenge. We have what you need to build an effective immunization program.

At the heart of Nomi's solutions is our work with local governments and organizations to address access gaps.
Nomi works with its government partners to bring testing and vaccine access directly to senior centers, churches, homeless shelters and rural neighborhoods, expanding options for difficult-to-reach populations.
We have delivered several of the very few "burden-free" testing programs in America – not burdening the patient with the need for insurance, a doctor's note or cost.

COVID-19 and beyond

Nomi Health is trusted by states, businesses, and leaders across the country. Learn about our COVID-19 programs, direct healthcare system, and how we lower healthcare costs by 30-40%.

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