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Healthcare is complicated. Paying for it shouldn’t be.

Remember banking before online payments? That’s where the $3.5 trillion healthcare industry is stuck today.

Male doctor holding iPad talking to patient laying in hospital bed.

Fundamentally direct. That’s the core of Nomi healthcare.

Patients, providers and employers are sick and tired of the status quo when it comes to paying for healthcare. So are we. That’s why we created a direct healthcare company to completely overhaul how beneficiaries pay and providers get paid.
  • Freedom from deductiblesPatient collections are the first place where our current healthcare system starts to completely break down.
  • Simplified paymentsWe make sure that providers get paid immediately and directly. No haggling and no need for a bloated billing department.
  • The right info at the right timeGood user experience is all about providing the right information at the right time. We’ve built our user experience from the ground up.
  • True pricingHealthcare bills are intentionally confusing to hide insurance company profit. We spend healthcare dollars on healthcare, so there's no need for perplexing bills.
  • One-stop shopWe are working directly with providers big and small to create a vast network of internists and specialists – no need to find another solution.
  • Seriously lower costsWith our direct healthcare system, we lower costs by 30-40% by cutting out insurance companies, billings, and claims departments.

Healthcare happens in real time – we think payments should too.

For Employers

We know that you want the best for your employees but you can’t afford to take on exorbitant fees and surprise increases. We’ve got you covered.

Woman standing at the head of a crowded conference room table.
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Two people reviewing documents together.

For Providers

Doctors and nurses should be spending their time on providing healthcare, not haggling with insurance companies. We’re building a better system.

Female doctor looking thoughtful in room with other doctors.
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Male doctor headshot.

For Patients

Only insurance companies like co-pays so we got rid of them. Better care without all the fuss and hassle that you're used to.

Aerial view of female doctor speaking with a couple in a hospital waiting room
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Doctor's gloved hand holding patient's hand in hospital bed