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Long COVID Management
Our streamlined approach reduces friction, eliminates waste, and helps control costs.

The Nomi Health Long COVID Care Management Program

Nomi Health streamlines the journey by simplifying access to care, optimizing outcomes and reducing costs.

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An initial assessment is completed based on a virtual symptom screening.


A near immediate consultation with a member of our Care Team members via a tele-health visit.


Follow-up, check-ins and a support plan based on the patient’s treatment needs.

Care Team Leadership

June Steely, MD

June Steely, MD

Medical Director

Dr. June Steely is a board-certified internal medicine physician with over 21 years of experience; As the Medical Director for Nomi Health, Dr. Steely provides clinical guidance, and medical expertise for Nomi’s testing and vaccination programs.

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Dr Soler headshot - Nomi Medical Director

Yadira Soler, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Yadira Soler is a Pediatric Intensivist with experience in management of multiple highly complex pediatric medical cases. Dr. Soler serves as a Medical Director for Nomi Health, contributing to the development and implementation of pediatric clinical protocols, testing, and vaccination.

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Angela Ling, MSN, FNP-C

Clinical Director

Angie is the Clinical Director of the Growth & New Initiatives team. She brings over 15 years of medical experience to the Nomi team. Angie brings experience from primary care, inpatient care, emergency medicine and military medicine.

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Benefits of the long COVID Care Program include:

  • Expanded reach to underserved areas.

  • Streamlined journey for those experiencing long COVID.

  • Lower overall cost without sacrificing clinical quality.

  • Reduced costs by eliminating duplicative services.

  • Continuous data feedback loop to optimize program and forecast health spend.

  • Maintain patient engagement longer by maximizing adherence to treatment plans.

Prevalence and Implications of Long COVID

Current research shows that 30 to 50 percent of positive COVID-19 patients are likely to struggle with Long COVID.

Symptoms are inconsistent and vary widely. No two cases are alike, making it challenging to address patients presenting with respiratory, neurological, psychological, and/or cardiological concerns. The traditional path for those experiencing Long COVID is confusing, costly, and uncoordinated.

Many of those affected experience reduced productivity and stress for the unknown future of their health. That's why we created the long COVID Care Program, to help you navigate this new health journey.

Who is at risk?

Approximately 140 million Americans, or 43 percent, are estimated to have been infected with COVID-19. Of those, 30-50 percent struggle with long COVID.

Impacts for Patients

On top of reduced productivity and quality of life, lack of clear care pathways drives confusion and frustration which in turn leads to over-utilization and exorbitant costs.

Impacts for Employers

We use the most up-to-date lab automation technology available to ensure accurate and fast results.