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Rebuilding healthcare to be half the cost.

Nomi Health cuts costs, confusion, and complexity with direct healthcare solutions.
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How we’re rebuilding healthcare.
Local Direct Care Services

Nomi provides direct access to healthcare services at convenient locations in communities across the country.

Real-time Technology Infrastructure

We've built the system from the ground up with technology that brings healthcare into the current century and launches us into a great future.

Health Benefits Analytics & Insights

Turning data into actionable insights and solutions.

For Business

The healthcare system is holding us all back. We're prescribing a better solution to move us all forward and create a future where seeking and providing care doesn't feel hard.

For You

Sick of being left in a waiting room, on hold, or with a huge unexpected bill? We are taking healthcare back to make it less costly and more convenient for you.

The care you need. When you need it.
In-person and virtual appointments are available now near you.
How we bring care to you:

Who We Serve

We are directly connecting buyers, providers, and patients to eliminate complexity and unnecessary costs within the system.See all Business Solutions


Become a part of the direct healthcare revolution and join our growing network of providers. You can also tap into our technology to simplify patient payments and getting paid by payers.

Provider Solutions

Save up to 30% when purchasing healthcare with Nomi Health. We directly connect you with providers and pharmacy solutions to save on administrative waste and unnecessary costs.

Employer Solutions

We are partners to local cities, counties, and states to ensure our programs reach your most vulnerable populations and care deserts.

Government Solutions
Brokers & Consultants

We equip consultants and brokers with a complete and clear analytics story, alongside actionable solutions, so they can make the best decisions for their clients.

Broker & Consultant Solutions

Adjudicate claims in real time using our digital-first platform.

Payer Solutions
Making an Impact
We believe everyone deserves easy access to quality, affordable care and we seek out ways to push this mission forward in our local communities with like-minded partners.
3,000+ customers nationwide 
$100b+ healthcare spend captured on our platform.
300m+ healthcare claims analyzed yearly.
25m+ member lives and patients impacted.
$225m medical debt relieved.
$5m donated to address the crisis.