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Broker & Consultant Solutions
With our solutions, benefits advisors can easily plan, manage, and measure the success of client's benefits strategy.
Your clients love you for your expert advice, not your scatter plot skills.
Benefits advisors are in it for the health and happiness of their clients and their employees - not for the endless charts and data points. We make the data dives and reporting easy so you can do what you do best - advise and guide your clients.

Open Network

Our open network provides access to a nation-wide network of direct contracts, and a framework for administering these contracts on behalf of self-funded entities.

Services at transparent, fixed prices.
Offer a better and lower-cost experience for members.
No out-of-pocket expenses or follow-up bills for members.

Artemis by Nomi Health

Our analytics platform helps benefits advisors turn complex benefits data into clear, actionable insights so consultants can advisor their clients in providing the best care while curbing costs.

Artemis Perspectives

See the full story behind benefits data to measure the well-being of your clients' populations and turn insights into action.

Cost Advisor

Easily manage your clients medical budget, forecast high-cost claimant expenses, and make informed decisions with our automated financial reporting.

Artemis Console

Our analytics platform help benefits advisors turn complex benefits data into clear, actionable insights so consultants can advise their clients on providing benefits and solutions at the lowest possible cost.
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We are always seeking innovative local and state organizations to partner with us on our journey. If our mission of rebuilding healthcare to make it accessible and affordable for everyone resonates with you, let's chat!