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Government Solutions
Get your employees and communities the care they need, where they need it so they can build the life they want.
Caring for your communities.
Traditional approaches and legacy policies impede progress. Give your employees and communities the care they need, where they need it so they can have the freedom to build the life they want.
Nomi Health delivering a COVID vaccine

Locally-based care for your community

Our care delivery options help bring services to even the most remote and vulnerable populations in your community, so everyone can stay healthy day-to-day instead of waiting until they need the ER.

We offer community-based testing, vaccination and treatments for common illnesses that can easily spread through the population.
Convenient care delivery to improve access to services. We offer virtual-first care, mobile van clinics to reach care deserts, and in-person clinics at the heart of your community.
Nomi Health has a track record of success on impossible timelines and against tough odds. Since 2019 we’ve partnered with states and organizations to deliver high quality local care at the lowest possible cost.
Doctor walking down hospital hallway, people waiting on benches.

Open Network of Providers

Tap into an open network of quality physicians and facilities nationwide to give your employees affordable access to specialty and acute services.

Self-funded entities save money on services provided via direct contracts.
Members see no out-of-pocket expenses or follow-up bills.
Providers have fixed, transparent prices with no billing of claims to traditional insurance.

Going beyond medical care

Social determinants of health, such as education, food security, safe housing, and transportation, are as important to health as medical care. Yet, we still struggle to address them. Our program, Path Assist, guides individuals to community resources through a whole person approach.

Proactive, hands-on guidance to establish a connection, identify what they truly need or are interested in, and help them navigate the right path and gain access to resources in the community.
Digital support to continually track goals, provide feedback, and understand engagement.

Dedicated clinical diagnostics laboratory

At Nomi Health Laboratory we support health care professionals, employers, and members with reliable, accurate and fast testing.

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Artemis by Nomi Health

Our analytics platform helps buyers turn complex benefits data into clear, actionable insights so benefits leaders can provide the best care and curb costs.

Artemis Perspectives

See the full story behind benefits data to measure the well-being of your population and turn insights into action.

Artemis Console

Our comprehensive care solution evaluation tool lets you measure and manage programs to ensure they deliver results.

Artemis Ad Hoc Analytics

All your data is consolidated, cleaned, and matched in one place so your data team can further explore what is most important to your organization.

Making an Impact

We believe everyone deserves easy access to quality, affordable care and we seek out ways to push this mission forward in our local communities with like-minded partners.


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We are always seeking innovative local and state organizations to partner with us on our journey. If our mission of rebuilding healthcare to make it accessible and affordable for everyone resonates with you, let's chat!