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Open Network for Members
No copays, no deductibles, no co-insurance. We improve access to the services you need while lowering healthcare expenses. We do this by partnering with over 8,000 providers nationwide to serve you and your family.

No Deductibles, No Co-insurance, No Kidding

We work alongside your existing health insurance to offer the same services with better savings. You can save on lab work, imaging, colonoscopies, mammograms, and general surgeries.

How To Get Care


Physician recommends procedure


Chat with a Care Guide


Care Guide locates options


Schedule with a contracted physician


Present voucher at appointment


Receive quality care
Frequently Asked Questions
More questions? We've got answers.

Our care coordinators are here to walk you step-by-step to find participating providers, give you your voucher, and check in with you after your procedure to see how everything went and if you need any follow-up appointment needs.

A voucher replaces your member ID card when using a participating facility. This reduces the risk of error when the provider submits a claim. To obtain a voucher for your next covered service contact your Care Guide.

To find a list of participating providers call toll-free (855) 601-1900, or reach out to a Care Guide at

Healthcare services through Open Network do not go through your insurance and will not count toward your deductible however, the IRS does requires a minimum deductible for designated HSA qualified HDHP health plans.
With these plan types, employers legally cannot provide first-dollar coverage before to the member meets their federal minimum deductible ($1,500 individual plans/$3,000 family plans for 2023). If you have not yet met your insurance deductible, you may have to pay the federal minimal deductable before Open Network and your Employer cover the remaining expense.

Contact a Care Guide Today
To see if a specific healthcare service may be available in your area and schedule an appointment, reach out to a Nomi Health Care Guide today! Phone: (855) 601-1900 Email: