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Open Network for Providers

If you're wondering if there is a better way to practice, there is. We help providers build direct relationships with employers and their members through transparent pricing models – so you can get your time back and get paid in full, faster.​

A Better Way to Get Paid

With traditional, back-and-forth billing, there is no one telling how little you get paid for what you do, but with our bundled payments, you're guaranteed that 100% of your contracted rates will be paid directly to you. Even better, we work with you to establish a transparent, all-inclusive price for bundled medical treatments, which enables you to be paid more profitably for the same work.

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We work with providers and health systems like you to slash healthcare expenses for everyone, so nobody is held back by the cost of care. Our platform delivers analytics, pharmacy management, an open network, healthcare financial services, and population care programs. Get in touch today to eliminate complexity and cut your healthcare costs by up to 50%.

Thank you for reaching out.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

More Patients, Less Paperwork

Patient fees are a burden on both you and your patients. Through your contract, employers agree to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses so you don’t have to worry about the collections, confusion, or frustration between you and your patients.

We Make It Simple: Serve Patients, Get Paid

Most referrals come as authorized, so you don't have to worry about prior authorizations standing in the way of necessary care.

We Partner With:


Over 700 surgery locations nationwide


More than 2,700 radiology locations


8,800 lab locations and counting