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Pharmacy Optimization Suite

Nomi Health is providing massive savings on drug spend through a robust suite of truly transparent pharmacy solutions to all employees and members. We can service all your medication needs through our wholesaler, Pharmacy, PBM, and alternative funding solutions.

No more pharmacy pricing games.

Own your pharmacy supply chain and save up to 50% on your Rx spend by paying one single administrative fee with Nomi Health.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager Solution

Nomi Health eliminates unnecessary complexity in the pharmacy supply chain. Our transparent fee structure ensures no hidden fees and markups, no spread pricing, and no opaque rebate sharing of typical Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

Point of sale rebates

Member-centric service model

Cloud-based claim platform

Expansive pharmacy network

Integrated data warehouse and analytics

A truly direct pharmacy solution

Everyone saves money thanks to Nomi Health's wholesaler pricing. This allows predictability of future pharmacy spend and 50% potential savings on routine maintenance medications.

Direct wholesale drug procurement

Pass through pharmacy operations

Rx cost plus fixed administration fee

Ability to dispense full mix of traditional brand, specialty, and generic medications

High Cost Drug Solution

We target high-cost medications through our proactive member advocacy program to assist members in accessing 30-50% savings.

Patient Assistance Programs

Manufacturer Co-pay Cards

International sourcing

High-touch patient support

Fully integrated member experience

Customized private label options

Who we work with

Nomi Health is a trusted partner.

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We work with employers, governments, and their partners to slash healthcare expenses for everyone, so nobody is held back by the cost of care. Our platform delivers analytics, pharmacy management, an open network, healthcare financial services, and population care programs. Get in touch today to eliminate complexity and cut your healthcare costs by up to 50%.

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Frequently Asked Questions
More questions? We've got answers.

- We provide our Pharmacy Benefit Management solution that ensures no hidden fees, markups, no spread pricing, and no murky rebate sharing.
- We offer great savings on high cost drugs through our alternative funding solutions.
- We are a nationwide pharmacy and wholesaler, with the ability to ship generic prescriptions directly to patients' homes.

- Nomi Health is able to offer such low rates for prescriptions because of the pricing complexities that we are able to cut out between the manufacturer and the patient. There are many steps in between where other pharmacies and PBMs have to increase rates to accommodate all parties. We have cut out the complexity to lower the cost of your prescription.
- We are simplifying how healthcare is built, paid for, and received.

Nomi Health's advanced technology stack is designed to provide members with a streamlined and hassle-free experience. We prioritize affordability by minimizing cost-sharing for our members. Additionally, we simplify the process of obtaining necessary medications by connecting members with a single Rx benefit provider, eliminating unnecessary complexity.