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Provider Solutions
We're building an open network of providers and simplifying patient and payer payments to give you back time and control.
Solutions that give providers back time and control.
Medical professionals shouldn't be bogged down in tug-a-war of back-and-forth billing. We're cutting the cord by using direct payments so you have more time for your patients, and less time banging your head against the red tape of healthcare.

Patient Billing & Payments

Why is it easier for your patients to buy a cup of coffee than to pay and understand their medical bills?

Patient payments made easy.

We make getting paid as easy as "tap, swipe, or insert" so your patients aren't overwhelmed by surprise bills and your staff doesn't have to haggle to collect payment from 6 months ago.

Reimbursement made simple.

Our platform makes your life easier by handling patient files, submitting reimbursements, and notifying your patients so they have a transparent view into what's happening...and they won't bother you about it.

Payer Billing

Our payer billing platform removes barriers, lowers medical expenses, and reduces administrative burden.

Not everyone has the means to get reimbursed by payers for their services. We solve that by providing a platform in which they don't have to change anything: we'll convert your patient files into an industry standard format and submit them to the clearinghouse on your behalf.
Your doctors and nurses studied to practice medicine, not paperwork. We promise that we will never make you jump through hoops.
We're always here when you need us - so that you can spend time with your patients and not listening to hold music.

Open Network

We connect self-insured employers to the very best private practice physicians to offer bundled prices for their healthcare treatments.

Get paid in full like clockwork.
Predictable schedules at the agreed amount you set.
Direct payments in 3 business days or less.