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Transforming Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Nomi Health takes a holistic, personalized approach to address the challenges of Substance Use Disorder today. Our program, Success Care, is patient-centric, providing holistic, comprehensive, and integrated care to your community or state.

Program Overview

The US is in the midst of an opioid overdose epidemic, with drug overdose continuing to be a leading cause of death in the United States. Communities are struggling, as 2.7 million people have a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Our Success Care program is designed to provide holistic, comprehensive SUD care by bridging clinical services and social services for individuals and communities nationwide.

Our Services

Through our program, Success Care, we collaborate and integrate with like-minded change-makers to provide hyper-local, streamlined, and patient-centered solutions for Substance Use Disorder. The program includes:

1-1 Peer Support

Clinical Services (Medication assisted treatment, counseling, therapy, pharmacy, preventative and diagnostic testing)

Social Services Support & Navigation (community education, local resource navigation including digital and health literacy, SDoH).

Population Analytics and Insights

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Care Delivery Infrastructure

We believe everyone should have easy access to quality care. We meet patients where they are, both figuratively on their healthcare journey and literally in their neighborhood or at home, to support them every step of the way. We provide both clinical and social care and deliver these services through a multimodal approach, so no one falls through the cracks. This includes:

Success Care In-Person Clinics

Virtual Care

On-Site partnerships with existing provider community

Mobile Care Units

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We work with local and state governments, organizations, and their partners to redesign Substance Use Disorder solutions for community wellbeing. Our Success Care program focuses on implementing comprehensive, personalized care. The current solutions are disjointed, leaving gaps in care where people need it most. Our program aims to fill those gaps, integrate existing solutions, and foster healthy communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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- Department of Corrections - Jail Diversion Programs - Government Health Plans - Emergency Departments - Local Providers - In-patient Facilities

- Health Clinics - Mobile Care Clinics - Partner Networks - Virtual Care - Digital Engagement

- Federal and State Funding - Grant Funding - Capitated PMPM - Fee for Service (FFS)

Here for You and Your Communities

Nomi Health is creating a cohesive approach for payers, at-risk hospitals, and employers across our complex care populations. For those populations that are often underserved and overlooked, we use a patient-centered approach to bring quality care to communities. Our services and solutions offered are fundamentally changing the way care is delivered, purchased, and paid for. Nomi's trusted operational experience during the Covid-19 response combined with our direct healthcare infrastructure is bringing patients and their care teams closer together.