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You're looking for a patient care site that is no longer available.

This patient care location is no longer active.
Why has my care site closed?
Nomi Health showed up across America to provide COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, and treatment to more than 15 million patients. Today, with the continued decline in COVID-19 care demand, Nomi is supporting patients in new ways. We are working with local government, employers, and care providers to ensure their populations receive the care and support they need.
Yes, through local governments, employers, and care providers. We partner to set up community programs. To check if there are active Care partnerships in your area head to our [Patient Care page](
[Sign in]( to access test results quickly or reach out to us directly at the Contact Us Page.
Please visit the [Contact Us Page]( and get in touch.
Head to the [CDC website]( for the most up to date information about COVID-19. For information from Nomi Health, check out our [blog](